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Workplace Strategy

Coorporations find on average that the office environment is used at 30-50% of its capacity at any particular time

As a result there is a large potental for cost saving through efficient use of space

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, all workplaces have different dynamics

Workplace Strategy analyses the habits and uses of each workplace individually to identify how they can be streamlined or optimised through practical solutions

The two biggest costs for any organisaton today are staff related and real estate

By completing a time-utilisation study, data is gathered to indicate where savings can be made

Research has proven that less than 40% of current employees need a desk to complete their work related tasks

Peoples attitudes have changed, and they know that work is not just in an office, it is everywhere. Creating the right environment to bring out the best in people is what is needed and is the biggest challenge. Its a science!