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CEO & Designer

Maz Mahmoudi

“Hi I’m Maz

Some may say that I am a destroyer, but really I’m a fun lovin criminal! I work hard and play harder.

Being an Iranian South Londoner doesn’t mean I tan very well but my big hair keeps me warm on the cold winter days.

I started 3equals1 Design 6 years ago and am loving doing the weird and wonderful creative things that get thrown at us.”


William Nock

``Hi, I'm Will!

I studied Spatial and Interior design at Plymouth Uni and graduated in 2015. For me design isn’t just an occupation, its a lifestyle in which I immerse myself.

A creative nature has always been instilled within me, from when I was venturing onto building sites at a young age to recently, when experiencing different culturally inspired designs, whilst exploring South East Asia and Australasia.

I feel very strongly about reinventing the workplace and our whole attitude towards work, especially with regards to embodying workspace psychology into physical spaces.

In my spare time I love being out on the water in 'sunny' Devon.``


Harry Clayton

“Hi I’m Harry!

I studied Interior Design at university and graduated in 2016. I love design for the real impact you can have on people’s lives. It gives great satisfaction to feel like you have helped make a difference for the better.
I was born in London and have always lived here and spend my spare time at Chelsea watching the football surrounded by family and friends.``