3equals1design | Forma 5 Showroom Visit
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Forma 5 Showroom Visit

Forma 5 Showroom Visit

3Equals1 Design visited the Forma 5 showroom to get to know their latest products. Here we met the knowledgeable Jeremy who is the Forma 5 UK managing director.  The Spanish company manufactures their own products in a factory based in Seville. While getting to know the pieces Forma 5 had to offer, we noticed the designs placed extra emphasis on the ergonomics of their office furniture and aim to create healthier work-spaces.

Forma 5 have a wide range of office furniture and chairs, here are the stand out products from our visit.



The M10 is a segmented bench system that would work well for large scale projects. The snake shape provides a break from the ordinary office system and works well as an open plan workbench. You can configure the product to suit the space with many screens and support accessories available.

Pros: The snake form is a refreshing design to substitute the stock standard rectangular work benches.

Cons: It can be difficult to place this product within space restrictive spaces due to its curve.


The 3.60 is an innovative task chair that we had not seen before on the market. The ergonomic chair allows for total pivotal movement and offers full support to the natural oscillation of the user while working.  The 3.60 mechanism has been design by Forma 5 in collaboration with the engineering studio ITO design.

Pros: The ergonomic chair aids the human body imitating the human posture resulting in less back problems and optimum comfort. It’s great to see designs that look after it’s user.

Cons: This is a luxury chair and very new to the market, therefore the price of this chair is not very affordable.



The Kineo is a stripped back version of the 3.60 which provides the same dynamic balancing movement at a lower cost. After testing the 3.60 and Kineo out we were amazed at the comfort and flexibility this chair offers.

Pros: An affordable alternative to the 3.60.

Cons: Aesthetically the chair cannot be as luxurious as the 3.60, however for an affordable ergonomic product we think this works well.