3equals1design | BuzziSpace Showroom Visit
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BuzziSpace Showroom Visit

BuzziSpace Showroom Visit

3Equals1 Design was excited to visit the BuzziSpace showroom and check out their current range of products on offer. Based in Antwerp, BuzziSpace are known for their sound absorbing eco-felt and acoustics. All of the BuzziSpace eco-felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. Sarah from BuzziSpace gave us an insight into the sound issues surrounding the open plan workspace and how BuzziSpace products can combat these issues with stylish, functional products.

We were fortunate to be shown a wide range of BuzziSpace designs, below are the standout products of the day.


These colourful felt dividers were a personal favourite of ours. The laser cut designs can be selected from the standard Buzzi range or customised with your own pattern. The design is a playful solution for dividing areas within an open plan workspace.

Pros: These panels are visually striking and practical. The rail allows for the dividers to be moved with ease to create flexible spaces within the workplace.

Cons: Due to the cut-out shapes within the panels, this product cannot be as acoustically effective as other Buzzi products.



The BuzziShade is an oversized pendant lamp which combines lighting with acoustic insulation, privacy and design. These pendants reduce external noise levels to a minimum making them a perfect addition to the workplace.

Pros: We love the stitching detail of the BuzziShade, It is details like these that makes a product stand out. The stitching can be colour matched with the framing.

Cons: The cable flex needs to be refined to fit in with the suspension cables.



The BuzziPicNic is a versatile and beautifully crafted table for the office. The playful picnic design comes in different forms; the traditional, rectangular shape and a round version. There are a wide range of finishes to choose, from natural timber to a brightly coloured lacquered coating. The BuzziPicNic comes in a wide array of dimensions and options.

Pros: The discreet but easy access flap allows for quick connectivity to a power source and the grooves designed into the benchtop serves as an instant stand for tablets and smartphones.

Cons: None, we thought this product was a wonderfully crafted piece for the workplace.


The BuzziBlox acoustic wall and ceiling panels look great and work to control and monitor the sound of a room. These blox are placed with undulating depths, allowing for the absorption of different sound wavelengths into the thick foam layers.

Pros: The BuzziBlox come in a wide range of shapes, finishes and mounting options.

Cons: We could not fault this product as a simple and effective acoustic solution.

BuzziSpace RT60 App

We were interested to hear about the BuzziSpace RT60 app and how it can be useful tool for designers. BuzziSpace developed the RT60 app which measures the reverberation time in each room and suggests products to improve sound quality.

All of the acoustic products of BuzziSpace are tested in an accredited test laboratory to determine the absorption performance following the reverberation room method.