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Max Furniture Showroom Visit

Max Furniture Showroom Visit

Last Friday the 17th March we had a very pleasant meeting with the Jon and Charlotte at Max Furniture, they kindly took the time to give us an in depth introduction to the range of furniture product they have on offer. The products on offer from Max furniture are from various manufacturers in Europe, namely Mikomax, Rim and Co plus. I will now just take the time to go through a few stand out products, which are worth noting.

The most impressive product we saw was the ‘Stand Up’, its name gives it away really, quite simply it is a sit/ stand desk. However unlike the electronic sit/ stand desks, which there are an abundance of and all rather similar. This is a manual version, which may seem less appealing to some, yet is actually a lot better. The transition of going from sit to stand is immediate, rather than the slow rise you get with an electronic sit/ stand, plus there is no awkward buzzing, which can often be rather disturbing for people around you. I believe as well that the point of the sit/stand desk is to better people’s wellbeing, encouraging people to be active, so it seems rather ironic when an electronic motor is doing what most can do! The end panels are also customisable and simply slip over the frame, which allows for a bit of personality.

Stand Up

You can simply raise and lower the Stand Up by squeezing the levers beneath the desk towards you and adjusting the height, the integral counterbalance keeps the movement light.


A product I wasn’t particularly impressed with was the Easypro task chair, compared with the Koplus Tonique task chair which was the same price, it felt a bit cheap, the arms seemed to rattle a lot and the materials didn’t feel nice. On the other hand, a task chair which did stand out was the Reddot design award winner, the Koplus bodyflex.  It features a number of innovative materials including ABT (Active Back Technology) and a unique “suspension” system that guides the sitter onto the lumbar area of the fluted back.

The Easy Pro

The Reddot award winner, Koplus Bodyflex


Somewhat of a Marmite product was the Packman break out chair, its name gives away its look! There is an option to have either the window/port holes or not, yet it adds a bit of playfulness to a breakout space and the exposed timber makes for a quality aesthetic. Acoustically they seemed good, nevertheless they were not overwhelming comfortable.

Packman breakout chair


A group of products we didn’t get to see were the ‘Chillout’, from the look I believe it looks like a great range. The products look really attractive with the exposed detailing, which make for a characterful look, I would make the assumption that it would be more appealing to a younger workplace demographic. The coffee table in the range also transforms into a desk high laptop table, which is very neat, I wish I had the chance to see it in person.

Chillout‘ furniture range


#Hush Phone is a product that seems very apt for this day and age, the phone box style pods are becoming increasingly popular. Without trying many, I evaluate that it looks great, the materials felt quality. Inside you have a light which is on a PIR sensor, so it turns on when you enter, plus a nifty fold out laptop tray. I wasn’t overly impressed with acoustics, I was expecting it to block out more exterior sound than it did, though I understand health and safety permits complete blocking of sound, due to the need of hearing exterior noises like a fire alarm for example.

#Phone Booth


All in all, we were impressed with the product range Max furniture had on offer and are looking forward to seeing new products in the future.