3equals1design | Joint Design Direction Showroom Visit
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Joint Design Direction Showroom Visit

Joint Design Direction Showroom Visit

3Equals1 Design visited the Pop-up JDD showroom in London on Friday 10th March. There we met the lovely Sarah, who was able to give us some insight into a selection of the workplace furniture products they had on show. With their design and manufacturing headquarters in Birmingham, we were excited to see what us Brits had to offer! Below is a brief synopsis of our options and factual information on the products.

The Bill
The Bill is a great impromptu meeting space, customisable with options on power, lighting and table tops, there are various configurations from 2-6 persons. Most of the JDD range offers an extensive variety of fabrics to choose from, with regards to colour and texture. Two of the main fabric suppliers they use are Camira and Vescom. The Bill in particular allows for up to three different fabrics to be applied, which provides for a more interesting contrast. One case study we were told about was a custom version of The Bill, which had a bare Plywood exterior, so that it could then be spray painted onto, completely fitting in with the customer’s brand aesthetic. Overall, we were impressed with the customisation, however the overall shape wasn’t that far different from many other similar products on the market.

The Georgia
The asymmetrical Georgia chair is a designed to divide and block out distractions on one side. The chair can be used for private work or communication. You can also select the Georgia Den which allows for two people to sit with the addition of side tables as required.

Pros: The form is a refreshing angular design and is a unique way to promote casual conversation within the workplace. Perfect for Informal one on one meetings.
Cons: While convenient, we are unsure about the structural integrity of the table on the side.

The Polly

We tested the four seat Den with an attached table. The Polly has a variety of options and can be catered for 1-6 people.

Pros: When we entered the Polly Den we could see how useful this piece would be in the workplace. It provides the needed privacy in an open plan workspace for informal meetings and could be used as a private concentration space.
Cons: There is no official acoustic rating for the products on range.


Anders Workbooth
The Anders Workbooth is designed for singular use and provides an optimum concentration space. The Workbooth allows for customisable options on power, lighting and table tops. Again, as all JDD products, a wide range of colours and fabrics can be applied.

Pros: This was our favourite product on show! The small footprint is practical due to often stringent space restrictions.
Cons: The integrated downlight gives off glare when approaching- this could be helped with a fitting which has a deep baffle.


The Mylo
The Mylo is a colourful and versatile chair that can suit a variety of different fabrics and patterns.

Pros: By offering an exact RAL colour they will match for powder coating on the legs. The twin needle and top stitch is a nice attention to detail that we love.
Cons: We found the chairs to be quite heavy to move and were not very comfortable to sit on. We think these chairs could be inconvenient to apply in a workplace setting.